It’s the season for couch cuddles in front of the fire, romantic holiday movies like The Holiday and nights out with friends and family.

But for us singletons, it can be lonely. While you might be happy with your single life the rest of the year, Christmas and New Year’s can be particularly tough. And this toughness is amplified if you are freshly single and have to deal with the holiday blues for the first time.

So rather than waiting for someone else to take you out on your dream date, why not go out on a solo date and enjoy spending time with yourself.

Take yourself for a coffee

I love people watching, so heading to a coffee shop by myself is something I love to do. Sometimes I take my book with me and just enjoy the ambient chatter around me.

Spa day

Get a massage, get your nails done, a blow-out or whatever you want. If you have a bit of extra cash this Christmas, book yourself a spa day with a delicious lunch and pamper yourself. If cash is a bit tight, buy yourself a lovely candle for less than €5, run a bath and pop on a face mask at home. 

Outdoor adventure

Put on your runners or boots and get outside. Try out some of the local walks near you, or better yet, go somewhere you’ve never been before and explore. I love popping Molly into the car, heading off somewhere we’ve never been and having a little adventure. 

Go for a night away

Have a look online for some mid-week staycation deals. Staying at a hotel on your own can be empowering – book a room, order some room service, sleep-in. And if you feel confident, head down to the bar for your dinner and a drink and allow yourself to enjoy being away on your own.

Dive into your hobby

My favourite solo dates are yoga workshops, meditation classes, sound baths. Really anything that is yoga or fitness related. And I always meet people to have a chat or coffee with. Whatever your hobby is, find classes that you can go and enjoy.

Go for a drive

Take a long drive and listen to your favourite album or podcast. Bonus points if you stop somewhere for lunch. I love being in the car and going on day trips. If you don’t have access to a car, hop on the train or bus and go on an adventure.

Make yourself a fancy dinner

I do a solo date every week. I cook myself a new recipe, light candles, set the table and put on some music. And my phone is left in another room. I want to be completely present. You’ll learn a new skill, you’ll have achieved something beautiful for yourself, and you’ll be able to wow people in the future.

See the sea

If you have access to a car, head off to the sea. Walking by the sea can be very cathartic. The ocean is very healing. You might even just sit in the car and listen to the waves and take in the smell of the sea. Either way, it will be very therapeutic.

Find a market

I love farmer’s markets, craft markets, or really, any market! Find a market that you wouldn’t usually have time to go to. Explore, shop, get yourself a treat.

Solo sexy time

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have an orgasm this Christmas. Set the mood however you like; candles, music, porn. Grab your favourite toy. And go for it. And if you are feeling adventurous, try something different, maybe tantric masturbation, squirting or a bit of anal play. Just have some fun. No one else will ever know.

Remember that the love you show yourself is the foundation of all your future relationships. Treating yourself to a solo date sets the tone for dates with someone.

And even when you are in a relationship, keep going on solo dates so that you are forever putting yourself first.