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Hi, I’m Christina! I am a Mindset Coach, NLP Master Life Coach and all round good sport! If you like the no BS approach to getting your life on track, you’re in the right place.

About me…

Hey, I’m Christina and I am OBSESSED with helping women create their dream life. 

Why? Because I know how fulfilling life is when you are living your life purpose, feeling deeply connected to love and joy – BUT I also know the struggle can be real!

I will work with you on a bespoke basis and guide you through exactly what you need to do to get past relationship traumas, whether they’re from family, relationships or work. And I will do it in a way that feels supportive and fun!

My coaching style is a true reflection of my passion for authenticity and female empowerment and my love of seeing women completely transform before my eyes.

I combine proven NLP and self worth techniques with ICF style coaching and Law of Attraction coaching to help you step into your True Self and create a life that you deserve while holding you accountable.

Love, you’ve been playing it small for too long…

My Values & Beliefs


The backbone of all good relationships is mutual respect. No matter who you are or how you show up, you will be treated with respect. I am here to help you, not to judge you, and every session is a judgement-free zone. 


I am a VAULT! No matter what you tell me, mums the word. No information will be repeated or shared with anyone. Your sessions are a safe place for you to learn about what is going on, and I want you to know that no topic is off-limits and not a word will be mentioned elsewhere.


Coaching is about learning, transforming and growing. Every session is moving towards an outcome that you desire. And any outcome is a good outcome – perhaps you want to quit chocolate, or meet The One or make a million… whatever your goal is, that’s what we’re growing towards.

My Approach

I love to see my clients grow and change at a pace that feels right for them. Progress is progress no matter how big or small. 

When I first meet you, I like to dive straight in and get an understanding of what is going on and where you’re feeling stuck. I like to create a personalised roadmap to suit you, we’re not one size fits all – some of us like a bit more of the spiritual experience, some of us like to stick with the more science based tools. And some of us just need someone to listen and ask good, deep questions. 

I have three values that I bring with me to all of my sessions: Respect, Confidentiality and Growth. I’ve been working with women one on one for 10 years. You’re in good hands. 

Mindset Coach NLP Master Coach

My Own Story…

I share my story so that you know that I’ve be to it and through it too. You’re not alone. We’ve all had our own personal journeys that have taken us through different hurdles, traumas and heartbreaks.

I was such a high-achiever, career-focused powerhouse in my 20s. I focused on my next career move, promotion, or how I make myself invaluable to whoever I was working for. I was always focused on building my reputation and attached my self-worth to my career success.

I had put so little effort into my love life. I went on so many online dates, empty hookups, non-committal “situationships”. I felt like this part of my life should be easy; what man wouldn’t want a successful woman, right!? 

After years on the dating hamster wheel, I found the man I thought was The One. From the outside looking in, it looked like we had the perfect relationship and life. We had a lovely home, plenty of money, lots of romantic nights out. But inside, I was falling apart. The relationship was toxic. He was cheating on our relationship; I felt trapped, alone and completely isolated from everyone who loved me. 

Leaving him was going to let everyone down. Staying with him was going to ruin my life. 

I threw myself fully into my career. I buried myself in my full-time job. I couldn’t bear having time to think, so I started teaching yoga at multiple studios. I filled every moment of the day to the brim. I completely neglected to look after myself. I let my career be my source of love and fulfilment.

After running myself into the ground, having a near breakdown and feeling so incredibly detached from everyone and everything, I decided something needed to change. I ended the toxic relationship. I was now 30, single, sad, and exhausted. The only thing I had to show was how much I had achieved in my career.

I celebrated so many engagements, weddings and babies, wondering “what the F is wrong with me??”. I was crippled by self-doubt, deep-rooted trust issues and pressure that only caused more self-sabotage in my love life.

My only saving grace was my career. It was thriving; my first start-up business had won a significant award. I was earning more money than I had in my full-time job. I was letting my career success define me. It was the perfect mask for my loneliness.

But I knew I couldn’t hide from my truth forever. I wanted a deeply connected and loving relationship. I wanted to be fully seen, accepted and loved in a relationship. I want a partnership that evolves and elevates both of us. And I longed for children of my own; I wanted to tuck them into bed at night, to kiss their scraped knees and to buy ridiculously cute outfits for them. More than anything in this world, I wanted to be a mother.

The clock was ticking. It was either keeping going as is or choose to transform. 

I no longer wanted my career to be the main love of my life. I didn’t want to work 12 hour days to hide the loneliness. I no longer wanted to repeat old patterns, hoping for different results. 

I immersed myself into a journey of self-discovery, shifting my mindset and my energy, starting with the tools that I learned through yoga teacher training. I started investing in my personal growth; coaching, courses, mentors, books. I could feel myself transforming and moving towards love. I started to see real results, not just in my love life but in my whole life. My relationship with family and friends improved dramatically.

While I was trying to fix how I felt about love, trust and relationships the work I did on myself through NLP, Law of Attraction, Mindset work and Manifestation completely transformed all areas of my life. My body couldn’t feel or look better, my wealth has increased, my relationships with everyone have improved. And I have found someone that is truly special to me and that I plan to keep around for a very long time. 

My self-worth had grew dramatically. Now love is available in my life. I am happy and fulfilled. I am so much closer to the life I truly desire.

And the one lesson I learned on this journey is that you can’t have it all until you learn to love and accept yourself as you are.

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