Welcome back to another episode of The Single Woman’s Empowerment Podcast.  This week I’m joined by guest exert, Confidence and Style Coach, Claire Praom. Claire talks to us about how to create unshakeable confidence through personal style.

Claire is a Confidence and Style Coach based in Swindon and she is going to be here to talk to us about how your style and the colours your wear can impact your confidence.Claire helps ambitious women to master unshakable inner confidence and style so they can create unstoppable success. Her mission is to bring inner and outer confidence so you “have the courage” to follow your dreams and create the success you deserve.

Outline of the Episode

  • [1.35] An introduction to Claire and what got her started on her confidence and style journey
  • [5.30] The relationship between confidence and style
  • [7.30] Bumping into your ex in your trackies
  • [8.40] How what you wear impacts growing your business (hint: stop wearing your PJs at your desk
  • [11.49] What women can do to empower themselves through style
  • [16.20] Losing your style and identity in relationships
  • [19.50] Claire shows us her style board and her style tips
  • [23.32] Masculine and feminine styling while working in corporate
  • [26.00] Wearing red and doing power poses to boost your confidence
  • [32.30] Claire’s number one style habit that empowers her


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How to create Unshakeable Confidence through Personal Style