Welcome back to another episode of The Single Woman’s Empowerment Podcast.  This week I’m joined by guest exert, High-Performance Coach, Lixxy Harkcom. Lixxy talks to us about how she left a marriage at the age of 21, moved to London and became extremely successful in the Tech Industry as well as setting up her coaching business.

Lix is an amazing and inspirational woman. She has achieved a huge amount in her life; a hugely successful career, her own business, stepping onto the property ladder all by herself and so much more. She is hilarious, friendly and super impactful.

Lixxy helps women learn that it’s perfectly okay to be on your own – and in fact, it’s better to become comfortable on your own before you can find the right person to settle down with.Your happiness is your own responsibility, so build that before deciding to share a life with someone else.

Outline of the Episode

  • [2:11] An introduction to Lixxy and what got her started on her High-Performance journey
  • [3:00] How getting divorced at 21 was a pivotal moment in her life
  • [4:20] How Lixxy identifies the signs and signals that something is the right next step for her
  • [5:05] Lixxy’s journey to being a High-Performance Coach
  • [8:00] The importance of being ok on your own
  • [10:30] How Lixxy looks after her mindset
  • [13:00] Our views on using affirmations
  • [14:50] Molly gatecrashes the recording and Lixxy’s evening and morning routine
  • [20:17] How to prevent burnout when you are a High-Performance individual

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