Human Design Reading

Human Design Reading

Get to know the real YOU. What makes YOU unique. How YOU can live your most authentic life.

I think YOU deserve to be fully seen as who YOU really ARE.

Not the manufactured and conditioned version of YOU that you are led to believe that YOU SHOULD BE.

You don’t struggle with the same challenges as your friends, so it’s hard to get the support you need. You’re coming up against challenges, like not knowing…

  • Who you are 
  • What you are supposed to be doing in your life
  • If anyone really loves you
  • If you are lovable enough
  • What your life purpose is

Or maybe you feel like… 

  • You need to do something, go somewhere or achieve your next level to really find yourself
  • You need to be in a relationship so that you can figure out who you are
  • When you are in a relationship, you become them. You take on their direction, their characteristics and you lose who you are.
  • Your friends can give you a sense of who you are
  • This relationship isn’t healthy but at least I know who I am when I am with them
  • You need to go the extra mile, go above and beyond, buy the best gift in order for them to love you, be proud of you, respect you
  • You need someone to complete you

And when you are on your own, you have feel like you’ve lost yourself again. 

You are an action-taker, and probably an over-achiever, you’re not looking for someone to do the work for you, you are looking for someone to SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE.

You want a someone who will tell it to you straight, so you can your most authentic self.

You want to feel free of all the past relationship dramas and traumas. You want compassionate guidance from someone who’s been where you are and can show you how to let go of all the past hurt, heal your love wounds and create a new empowered mindset.


And most of all, you want to FULLY ACCEPT YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE!

That’s where I come in…

I help women, like you, fully understand yourself so you can accept yourself for who you are. I am passionate about you learning to accept you for where you are in your life right now.

I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH – even if you don’t have all the answers. 

You’re not looking for a cookie-cutter DIY mindset program. And you don’t want to rehash the past in therapy. AND YOU DON’T NEED TO.

You want one-on-one personalised support to work through your worthiness, understand who you are, self-esteem and confidence. You want to know your life purpose, your direction, your lovability. 

You know that you are worthy of more but you need guidance on how to let go of what’s holding you back and how to step forward as the best version of yourself. Maybe it’s self-belief work, talking through specific experiences, or having someone help you break through those inner roadblocks.

Bottom line is, you want a coach who can help you understand all parts of you, at all levels. 

My best clients

  • Are looking to understand themselves, how someone could love them, why someone would love them
  • Are focused on achieving, accomplishing, over giving themselves so that people will SEE THEM and FEEL LOVABLE.
  • Have a hard time understanding their direction and purpose in life
  • Are fed up doing everything for everyone and hoping that it will make them feel loved.
  • Want to value themselves, know they deserve more and are ready to claim it

  • Want to achieve their dream life and all that it offers and are willing to take the next step

  • Take personal responsibility for their actions and non-actions in life

Human Design Reading Ireland

In your Human Design Reading, I’ll help you identify what you need to let go of and how to stop the voice in your head that is screaming “I’M NOT ENOUGH AS I AM” so you can move forward with more ease and freedom. You’ll come away with actionable homework, as well as clarity on WHO YOU ARE, what you want and how to get there.

What is Human Design and does it actually work?

Human Design is a powerful way to understand who you are. In a world that focuses on what is WRONG with you, Human Design focuses on what is RIGHT about you. 

It is a combination of ancient and modern wisdom that gives you a picture of how your energy flows. Gives you a description of who you are energetically and what your life is like in and out of alignment. And its the out of alignment part that is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

It gives you an opportunity to stop trying to correct everything, and to embrace ALL OF YOU. It is one of the most healing things you can do for yourself, physically, emotionally mentally and energetically. Your soul will thank you.

Human Design acts as an energetic map of who you are, how to live in alignment, what your unique gift to the world is and how to effortlessly be YOU. It answers that big question that’s always going around in your head “WHO AM I?” And it shows you all the ways that you are enough.


Your reading is dives into:

  • Your unique energy mechanics i.e. Who you are, what is lovable about you
  • How your body-centred intuition works
  • Your unique gifts, skill-sets and SUPERPOWERS
  • The essence of your life’s work and purpose
  • How to focus your self-love, healing and habits so you can be YOU.

And yes it works. It has transformed my life, and the lives of my clients. 

How your Human Design Reading works

You book your session and send me some details. 

When your session is booked, I ask for all the key details I need to read your Human Design Chart. And then I start to create an easy to understand Human Design report that you can take action with. When you get your report, so much of it will hit home for you. You will feel like you are reading the Book of You, the real You that you’ve always known was in there.

Chart Reading Empowerment Session

In this 90 minute session, we’ll dive right into your Human Design Chart and report. I’ll explain to your centres, your strengths, the issues that you’re struggling with and how to decondition the voice in your head.  Then we’ll get crystal clear on what’s keeping you stuck, how to let it go and move on. I like to make sure that you have ACTIONS that you can take. This session will include different tools and techniques depending on what you personally need in that moment. You’ll get actionable steps so you can get to work on moving your life forward right away.


Accountability Catch-up (Optional)

Two weeks after the Reading session, we’ll have a 30 minute catch up to ensure you’re making the progress you wanted. In the catch-up call, we’ll talk through whats working, adjust your next steps and answer any questions that you have so you can feel confident in yourself and move forward with ease.

Investment: €197

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Step 1. Schedule your session for a time that works for you, and pay for your session by clicking the link below.


Step 2: I’ll draw up your Human Design Chart and work on your report so that you have it before your session. 

Step 3: Join your session at your selected time so you can confidently move forward in your life.

Questions? Feel free to reach out [email protected]

What Client’s Say:

“I woke up this morning after our session yesterday and I feel so empowered. I feel like I finally know how to be me. I feel the most myself that I have felt in the past four years. Thank you so much for talking to me and helping me understand myself. 

I’ve been laughing to myself, just so baffled. All the things in my reading I have always felt, I have always thought this way. And when I have expressed it with others they make me feel like I am crazy, and I just feel so understood right now. This has been so powerful. I feel like I could walk into a room right now and have my full confidence, like there’s a forcefield around me, pushing anyone who doubts me away. 

I wan to thank you. I am really excited for our catch up session and to go deeper into my chart. I feel like everything I thought and felt throughout my life I can now embrace as my true power and potential. My true path

I just feel very happy.”

Helen, Washington

“I meant to reach out to you actually because I’ve been dating someone for 3 months now and he’s great! The dates have been amazing and I showed up as a completely different person to what I have been on previous dates and I’d like to thank you for the coaching sessions and helping me see all the good and all the love!

You were amazing and keep doing what you’re doing, I’m proof it works!”

Emily, UK

“Christina is such a beautiful person and made me feel immediately comfortable. We explored my goals for the session and what I wanted to achieve. She listened to my problems with grace and was present with me 100%. During our session I had a huge breakthrough… I was finally able to identify a block that kept me stuck for years, since childhood, and Christina helped me to remove it completely from my mind! I am very happy to have worked with Christina and I would highly recommend her services to anyone!”

Alessandra Amico-Jones

“Christina has a way of making you feel so positive and confident in your own skin and since our weekly coaching sessions I have learnt so much more about myself and why I think the way I do. I now have so much more self-love, confidence and peace. Christina’s ability to listen and understand where I need to direct my attention is valuable and precious. Christina is a beautiful soul and I recommend her to all! Thank you so much Christina, honestly I enjoyed our sessions so much and they were so helpful, you are incredible xxx 🤍”

Emily, London

“Before I started the coaching-program with I was somewhat stressed out with my relationship status Single.

Throughout  the weeks of the program I got so good connection with Christina during the coaching sessions and it was really easy to share and sometimes dig deep in the aspects that I realised where holding me back when it came to my love life. During the 6 weeks I got some really big insight about myself and my old behaviours, but from the lovely Christina I also got some powerful and helpful tools to move past these.

I loved taking part of the program and having Christina guide me through everything, and I really like the version of myself that got out on the other side. I use many of the practices we used together daily and they help me create, deepen and maintain the most important relationship I will ever get, the one I have with myself.

It might sound a bit cheesy, but I’m grateful for that, mainly because I haven’t had that in a very long time. And as for the relationship status, Single, that’s not even bother me anymore, I’m confident that the loving person I’m manifesting will show up sooner rather than later <3″

Josefin, Sweden