Welcome back to another episode of The StartUp Podcast.  This week I’m joined by Kandi Leigh, Relationship Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master and all-round spiritual rockstar. Kandi is such a fun person to talk to, there’s a lot of laughter and joy in this episode.

In this episode we talk about the relationship to your 3D reality, how Reiki can help with your energy flow through the body, co-creating with the Universe, manifestation, working on your trauma source, and relationship between soulmates and receiving abundance.

I also share how my Reiki Session with Kandi changed my world, helped manifestations come to fruition and how it opened my eyes.

And the beautiful Kandi shares an energetic tuning with us at the end. And it was so impactful for me. AND there’s a quick tool for balancing masculine and feminine energy in the present moment.

If you need a LAUGH then this episode is for YOU! There is so much laughter and joy from the very first second that you will find yourself smiling and laughing and as you listen to it.

Check out Kandi on Instagram here: @the.kandi.leigh

Outline of the Episode

  • [1:08] An introduction to Kandi Leigh and what got her started on her Spiritual Awakening Journey
  • [2:00] How grief supercharged her spiritual journey 
  • [4:16] Kandi explains what spiritual awakening and Reiki are  
  • [8:30] The relationship between soulmate energy and abundance 
  • [11:41] How Reiki can help you and your business
  • [14:25] My experience from the distance  Reiki session with Kandi
  • [18:30] Me turning into an absolute fangirl for Kandi… Taylor Swift of Reiki!!
  • [21:50] What Reiki does to your body
  • [24:19]  The importance of balancing the masculine and feminine energy in our daily lives 
  • [25:22] Molly crashes the podcast episode & shifting our mindset around resting
  • [27:15] A tool to balance your masculine and feminine energies
  • [29:00] How often you should do Reiki
  • [33:36] A message for those who are sceptical
  • [35:37] Kandi tunes in and draws a card and delivers a messages for Live viewers and future viewers
  •  [37:20] A guided release of regrets and blocks that are coming up
  • [40:00] Where to find Kandi and get in touch with her

Resources Mentioned

Get Kandi’s 7 Keys to Understanding Soul Mate Relationships 


 Get in touch with her here: Https://facebook.com/the.kandi.leigh
  • Https://instagram.com/the.kandi.leigh1

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See you next week for another episode of The StartUp Podcast.

Christina xx