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Get Unstuck, Get Clear & Grow Your Business with a Business Deep Dive Session

Every other area of your life is going so well, you feel like you’re already achieving so much. Just not in the one area you want the most success. Love.

You don’t struggle with the same challenges as your friends, so it’s hard to get the support you need. You’re coming up against challenges, like…

  • Filling the void left after your last relationship
  • Learning to trust yourself again
  • Letting go of the hurt and being able to move on
  • Feeling lost in who you are as a single person
  • Creating boundaries so no one ever takes advantage of your trusting nature again
  • Releasing the guilt of staying in an unhealthy or toxic relationship
  • Loneliness
  • An overwhelming fear of not finding The One, being on your own and missing your opportunity to have your dream family.

… just to name a few examples.

As an action-taker, you’re not looking for someone to do the work for you. You’re looking for an experienced coach who can help you let go of past relationships and to help you get to your love goals faster.


As a self-aware woman, you know you can get in your own way. You want a someone who will tell it to you straight, so your mindset won’t hold you back anymore.


You want to feel free of all the past relationship dramas and traumas. You want compassionate guidance from someone who’s been where you are and can show you how to let go of all the past hurt, heal your love wounds and create a new empowered mindset.


And most of all, you want to be  a magnet for love.

That’s where I come in…

I help single women create powerful mindset shifts so they can live their dream life. I am passionate about you learning to accept you for where you are in your life right now. I want you to know you are enough, you always were enough, you will always be enough.

You’re not looking for a cookie-cutter DIY mindset program. And you don’t want to rehash the past in therapy. 

You want one-on-one personalised support to work through your worthiness, love mindset, self-esteem and confidence, and any other challenge you’re facing in your life right now.

You know what your DREAM LIFE GOALS are but you need guidance on how to let go of what’s holding you back and how to step forward as the best version of yourself. Maybe it’s self-belief work, talking through specific experiences, or having someone help you break through those inner roadblocks.

Bottom line is, you want a coach who can help you heal and achieve your goals.

My best clients

  • Have strong self-awareness and appreciate when someone points out mindset limitations

  • Are ready to heal, let go and move on with their lives

  • Want to be open and receptive to finding love again

  • Value themselves, know they deserve more and are ready to claim it

  • Want to achieve their dream life and all that it offers and are willing to take the next step

  • Take personal responsibility for their actions and non-actions in life

In the Business Deep Dive Session, I’ll help you identify what you need to let go of and help you release it so you can move forward with more ease and freedom. You’ll come away with actionable homework, as well as clarity on who you are, what you want and how to get there.

How it works

Clarity Questionnaire

You’ll start by spelling out – where you’ve been, where you’re at and whats not working. This in-depth questionnaire is designed to help you paint the full picture of your love mindset so we can dive into the most important issues first. Just by doing this exercise you’ll be able to prioritise the things you most need help with and what can wait… You’ll start feeling better right away. 


Heart-led Coaching Session

In this 90 minute session, we’ll dive right into the issues that you’re struggling with and then we’ll get crystal clear on what’s keeping you stuck, how to let it go and move on. This session will include different tools and techniques depending on what you personally need in that moment. You’ll get actionable steps so you can get to work on moving your life forward right away.


Accountability Catch-up

Two weeks after the coaching session, we’ll have a 30 minute catch up to ensure you’re making the progress you wanted. In the catch-up call, we’ll talk through whats working, adjust your next steps and answer any questions that you have so you can feel confident in yourself and move forward with ease.

Investment: €99

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Step 1. Schedule your session for a time that works for you, and pay for your session by clicking the link below.


Step 2: I’ll email you the Clarity Questionnaire so you can complete it before our session.

Step 3: Join your session at your selected time so you can confidently move forward in your life.

Questions? Feel free to reach out [email protected]

What Client’s Say:

“Christina is such a beautiful person and made me feel immediately comfortable.

We explored my goals for the session and what I wanted to achieve. She listened to my problems with grace and was present with me 100%.

During our session I had a huge breakthrough… I was finally able to identify a block that kept me stuck for years, since childhood, and Christina helped me to remove it completely from my mind! I am very happy to have worked with Christina and I would highly recommend her services to anyone!”

Alessandra Amico-Jones


“Christina is a business coach with huge entrepreneurial experience & oomph! She has given me detailed and practical advice to apply in my business.

By using the entrepreneur scorecard, I can see every day and every week when I do tasks that move the needles and it keeps me on track and laser focus.

She is also great at technical advice, which is not my strongest point, and is always happy to help. She is brilliant at making you turn your doubts and see all your qualities & talents. “

Claire Praom

Love to Style UK

how to set personal boundaries

“Christina has a way of making you feel so positive and confident in your own skin and since our weekly coaching sessions I have learnt so much more about myself and why I think the way I do. I now have so much more self-love, confidence and peace.

Christina’s ability to listen and understand where I need to direct my attention is valuable and precious. Christina is a beautiful soul and I recommend her to all!

Thank you so much Christina, honestly I enjoyed our sessions so much and they were so helpful, you are incredible xxx “


Hairdress & Coach